Friday, January 14, 2011

A Test

It will be a real test for me personally in the aftermath of the floods. We aren't affected directly and words are beyond me in trying to describe the damage we see in our suburb. As we drove around, we see familiar places covered in mud and our favorite pizza place is still under a feet of water if not more. The golf course has turned into a mud hole and the Jindalee pool is just a pool of dirty brown water. It is amazing how high the water reached at some places.

We are still without power but we saw the Energex people working on the substation nearby.

Micah's childcare was underwater which has now receded - we could see the watermark up close to the roof of the first floor where his room is. We also drove to Rocks Riverside park and it was closed. These are the two places I was going to rely on when David is away next week.

I'll really be a full time Mom after David flies off! The real test begins then :)

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Kess And Her Mama 15/1/11 10:42 p.m.  

Praise God that you're safe. Trust in the Lord and He will give you the grace to go thru your test.

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