Thursday, January 13, 2011

Queensland Flood 2011

Our story is trivial compared to those who have suffered loss of lives and home. The unfolding drama of the past 2 days has been splashed across the TV screen the whole day - for those who still have power to watch.

We are safe and dry and although power hasn't been restored, we are definitely not complaining. We commend Premier Bligh, the Queensland Government and all the State Emergency Services people plus the numerous personnel working to give out information including the host of volunteers at all evacuations centers. We've only been able to help a friend who evacuated by keeping their cars for them while they left to stay with their son.

We don't know what will happen in the coming weeks as the water recede and people return to their homes to salvage what they can and to clean up. The city's infrastructure almost came to a standstill and there is a lot of damage and uncertainty. All we can do is to extend a hand where needed and to continue to pray for those directly affected.

Mt Ommaney Drive

Mount Ommaney Shopping Center

Westlake Drive just a few hundred meters from our house


Edie Mindell 17/1/11 6:57 p.m.  

Seeing from the pictures you shared here, your area was really flooded. It's good that you and your family are safe. I hope things are getting back to normal in your place now.:-)

Tracy Tan 17/1/11 11:06 p.m.  

thanks Edie :) things are beginning to settle very quickly for those unaffected but as anyone can imagine, it will take a while for those who have suffered more.

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