Monday, November 12, 2007

Our Daily Walk

David and I have started taking a walk after dinner. We walk around the building block for some fresh air and exercise. Also to walk off the heavy feeling after a full meal.

There are loads to see and I can window shop since there are a lot of little shops around our area. The weather may be a bit cold in the evenings but you get warmed up fast when you walk briskly. We tried walking within the compound but David finds the gardens a bit dark so he prefers the outside. I persuaded him to walk within 2 nights ago and we could observed people in their homes as we went by. Some don't draw close their curtains so we can see everything. Not that I am nosy - I just enjoy looking at the interior of homes to see how people decorate. Some of the residents have gone all out and created a showcase home. I have to admit that though most have the same style, they are adorned with beautifully crafted lightings, screens and furniture.

I noticed that flat panel TV is a common feature in most of these homes. I think most would be local China brands and I think they are more affordable than other more popular TV brands. Our landlord provided us with a 32" TV which, in our opinion, is sufficient since we don't really watch all that much TV but then again, it wouldn't hurt to look into buying a flat panel TV if the prices are reasonable. We could have it shipped home!

Such a purchase cannot be made without first researching the various brands, types of TV and prices. I usually rely on internet research before I'd even consider stepping into a store. Using is interesting. It provides comprehensive product, pricing and location information to help me find the exact TV and most importantly, the nearest retailer. I would consider a Toshiba 65 include LCD as an alternative to a plasma TV.

It is still wishful thinking for now since we are not quite certain how long we'd be here so I think I'll just stick to our walks and window shop or spy at other people! I do see that a lot of the residents have dogs. Hmmm...maybe I should get a dog!

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svllee 14/11/07 3:57 a.m.  

Hi Tracy, walking is good for you..! By the way, we don't have flat screen either, keep waiting for the price to drop since they came out several years ago, but could not decide to part with what we got a 10 year old 22 inch Grundig. One of the old ones. After all it still works, so what are we to do if we buy a flat screen, flog it on ebay? Lucky if I can get £10 for it! Maybe we will wait until the signal turns digital in 2009, (its a bit slow over here in the UK), sigh..

Tracy Tan 14/11/07 2:50 p.m.  

hi steven! i am not really an exercise person but david is so with a lot of persuasion, i got off my b#tt and walked with him :)

i've been waiting for the prices to drop too! and it is wise to wait for digital. a lot of analog tvs will be phased out. but i am looking at LCD - prices are getting cheaper but again, we don't see the need yet because we are not quite settled.

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