Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Did you read about this lady who was denied a PR in New Zealand because she was overweight and this posed health care concerns to the Government?

Obesity is a disease. A health risk in developed countries where processed foods and soda loaded with sugar seems to be common in their diet. A disease which is permeating the more affluent in China as well. As people become rich, there is a propensity to indulge. Eating is not a matter of survival but enjoyment.

Obesity in Chinese children may be an indirect result of the one-child policy. Parents dote on their only son or daughter, feeding them the best and over indulging them on sweets and chocolates as treats. It is also a misconception that a chubby cute baby is healthy as the Chinese seem to believe.

While some children may grow out of their baby fat, some may end up with serious health problems when they become adults, needing surgery to help them control their weight. Some may need bariatric surgery

I believe good eating habits and the nutritional value of food groups should be taught to children when they are young so that it is ingrained in them to eat well. You are what you eat, after all. It may already be too late for some of us!

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