Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nintendo Wiiiiiiiiii

I had my first Wii experience yesterday night! It was really, really fun. It was difficult to calm down after that and carry on with the bible study :) And it becomes another reason why we don't spend enough quiet time with God which happens to be the subject of the study yesterday night! What a good illustration of how things around us distract us from our appointed time with our Lord.

I went for the study without David since he was busy with a client. Back at home I told him about the fun I had and he seems keen for us to get our own set! I knew this would happen. I bought him a PS2 for his birthday some years back and I think he only played with it, at the most 5x and the set has now been passed to my nephews.

I've never been addicted to video, arcade or computer games so I doubt I'd get addicted to the Wii even though it was absolutely cool to play with - especially with friends. It was indeed a good ice breaker before bible study.


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