Thursday, November 08, 2007

An Exciting Evening

My throat was actually a bit sore after the basketball game!

I can't believe that I was at some point, sitting at the edge of my seat as the ball neared the basket and clapping with the crowd when a point was scored.

We heard the whistle blow to signal the start of the game as we were walking quickly to enter the stadium. By the time we sat down, the score was 6:3 or something like that. The Ningbo Bayi Rockets were leading. David's business partner generously invited us for a game with his season passes.

I sat next to these 2 men who were busy eating their melon seeds, cracking them loudly between their teeth and spitting out the shells on the floor! I had to scoot closer to David because the guy was spitting in the direction of my legs. I had to contain myself from telling him off!

He stopped eating them after a while and I was able to enjoy the game properly. The atmosphere was rowdy and loud because we had a team of supporters cheering the team and they were right behind us on another level. They each carried 2 plastic blow up tubes which when hit together made a loud noise. I found that the tubes can be used to cheer or to jeer!

Bayi supporters were pretty loud!

And jeer they did to the opposing team. I never knew that it was permissible for supporters to heckle the opposing team especially when he was shooting a free throw!

What made the game exhilarating was the countdown timer for each team to shoot the basket. It wasn't only the timer which made it heart stopping, the loud music that accompanied the countdown seemed to pound to a beat that will make you want to scream at them to shoot before the shot clock ends. I now understand why basketball is an exciting game to watch.

Then there was the entertainment between breaks and half time. The cheerleaders! But they weren't quite cheering. They were just dancing. They did a lot of costume changes and came out sometimes with pom poms, colored gloves on one hand and once, with feathers.

And boy are these players tall! You notice it immediately especially when others look puny next to them. I guess they aren't just tall - they are like giants to me. After the game, I walked past player No.6 (which David's partner and his wife and kid thinks look very like David!) and I didn't even come up to his shoulder. He towered over me and I felt like I was in Lilliput land and he was Gulliver. Nobody stopped him for his autograph - everyone just walked casually towards the exit after the game.

Do you think player No.6 looks like David?

There were some close calls and at one point the Zhejiang Guangsha team was leading. But then Ningbo Bayi Rockets had their star player No.11 - I think his name is Li Nan because the supporters were shouting Li Nan Jia You (Li Nan add fuel!) - come in later part of the game and they started leading again. The Ningbo Bayi Rockets won the game.


svllee 9/11/07 8:06 a.m.  

Interesting to see that you enjoyed the game. Isn't it so American, what with the music, cheerleaders and countdown tunes? In Japan apparently they are crazy about baseball, again it copies directly from the American game, not sure if they eat popcorn and hotdogs, maybe noodles and yakitori sticks!

Tracy Tan 9/11/07 12:04 p.m.  

the Chinese eat melon seeds! kuaci shells all over the floor! and their idea of a hotdog is processed meat in all kinds of flavors in a tube where they squeeze it out like jelly!

and yes! the Chinese adopt almost anything American, just like the Japanese :)

Tracy Tan 9/11/07 12:04 p.m.  

i forgot to mention - i just wonder how the Chinese grow to be American sizes too!

Anonymous 10/11/07 12:21 a.m.  

Also, you can not have drinks at the gym. No water bottles, nothing. The fans will throw them at the opposing players if they feel slighted! A full bottle of water can really hurt if thrown from a great height, such as the stands. Check, they organize some people to go to games.

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