Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rant, Rant, Rant, Rant and Rant!

Top 5 habits I don't appreciate from other drivers are...

1. Road hogging - if a car comes close to you from behind, it means you are not going fast enough on the fast lane! So if you can't drive fast, move over. It is as simple as that. Why hog the lane?

2. Aimless driving - drivers should plan their route. Those who don't end up changing lanes at the last minute making it dangerous for other road users.

3. Not giving way - it makes so much sense to give way because traffic is much smoother if everyone just give way.

4. Jumping queue - it is polite to take your turn. I don't see why driving can't be the same as queuing at a bank!

5. Hogging their parking space - my ex-boss has this theory that most people are protective of their personal space hence the need to linger unnecessarily. I just think it is downright rude especially if they have no valid reason!

I am writing this Top 5 post as a submission to ProBlogger for a Group Writing Project. I read to learn more about blogging and I find the tips really helpful and insightful to a new blogger like me.


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